• PhD in Mathematics, University of Iowa
  • Certificate in Data Science, The Data Incubator
  • MSc in Mathematics, University of Iowa
  • MA in Mathematics, University of Northern Iowa
  • BSc in Mathematics, University of Puerto Rico
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About Me:

Born in Puerto Rico, but lived in Iowa long enough to call it home also. After leaving Iowa I spent some time in Washington, D.C. and Charleston, S.C. I then went to work for Microsoft as a Data & Applied Scientist II bouncing between Puerto Rico and Redmond, W.A. I am currently back in Washington, D.C. detailed to the Department of Veterans Affairs as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow.

Traveling is my biggest passion. I have visited thirteen different countries and lived in 6 different states. Everytime I visit a new country I get a new flag sown onto my backpack.


  • Python
  • SQL (PostGreSQL, HAWQ, CockroachDB, Sqlite3)
  • PySpark
  • D3.js
  • Hadoop
  • NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB)
  • IPython Notebook
  • Zeppelin Notebook
  • Git
  • Theano
  • LaTeX
  • R Studio
  • Bash
  • Go
  • Ambari
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • GIS

Engineering and Consulting:

Data & Analytics Development Consultant

On my spare time I do contract work for startups. From technology consulting to data analysis and development. For more information feel free to check out my LinkedIn, AngelList or UpWork profiles, or send me an email at 'nel.abdiel (at) gmail (dot) com'.

What else?

If you scroll through my instagram account for less than 5 seconds you will soon realized that outside of work all I do is lift weights, go cycling and eat. However nothing tops reading a good book or drinking neat whiskey while conversing with friends or even strangers.